Using KidBlog for self-assessment and Goal Setting

Have you tried using KidBlog for self assessment and/or goal setting ? 

Give your students a prompt that requires them to self-assess their learning and their behaviors toward learning. Invite students to advise their friends. You will be amazed at how the advice they give will help them change their own behaviors.

Generic Examples of self-assessment:

  1. When you used the rubric to assess your “insert assignment“, which criteria do you feel you need to improve? Explain.
  2. After discussing/watching/acting out “content/idea/concept”, what do you understand really well? What is still a bit confusing?
  3. What part of “assignment/process” do you feel proud of?
  4. What do you wish you would have done differently before completing the assignment?

Goal setting is very useful for PBL and other long term projects. Help students self-assess where they are in the process then have them write 3-5 SMART goals to accomplish before the next deadline. Give them examples of the types of goals you want them to write.

Here is what I used with students who were working on National History Day projects.

Goal-Setting-350x474   Here are some examples: Which one is not SMART?

  1. Before this weekend, check holiday hours for (Missouri Valley Special Collections, The National Archives, or other places you need to go). Share the holiday hours with mom and make a plan when she can take me over break.
  2. When my grandparents are visiting, talk to them about my History Day topic. Ask them to help find another person to interview. (Local history professors, authors of books, old people who knew the person or were alive and remember when they were a leader, etc.) If that doesn’t work out, I will also talk to Uncle Joe.
  3. Work on my project over break.
  4. Between December 26-28, find at least one new photo andone new print primary source to support each section of my project. (Maybe on your visit to the National Archives?)
  5. Find and edit a video clip and add it to my website by Monday January 5th.

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Makerspace Challenge Plus Canva

School is starting very soon. My first undertaking as a brand new librarian is to create and promote a student design challenge. We want students to design a Makerspace in the old computer lab section of the library. Since all students at our school have his/her own device, the lab is not needed anymore. We have several tables available to be repurposed into work space. We don’t have any money to fund the Makerspace but we are hoping to get some grant money. I will also be challenging students to apply for grants.

The first part of my promotion was to design a poster so we can promote the challenge when parents come in for orientation. I enjoy trying out new online tools so I decided to do a quick search for “free poster creation online”. Canva was at the top of the search. I clicked the link, played around with it and decided that I was in love!

Canva was very easy to use. It is a drag and drop type program with tons of graphics, fonts and backgrounds to choose from. The service is free as are many of the graphics and backgrounds. There are some additional graphics and backgrounds that cost $1 each. You may also upload your own graphics and photos. I included my finished poster with this post and I am very pleased with the results. The blue “Makerspace” logo was made with and I created the QR code (it links to the Makerspace Challenge page on my website) with Everything else was made in Canva.

Makerspace posterI started the poster with a plain background but decided the $1 crafty photo made it much more interesting. The photo included a watermark during the editing process. When I was ready to download, I paid $1, no tax, to use the photo. I had 24 hours to edit the photo without paying again. The finished poster can be saved as a PNG or high quality PDF (or both). I was able to use the poster graphic on my library website. I searched around for a cheap place to print a test poster. Wal-Mart claimed to have the lowest price but I was not able to upload either file to the Wal-Mart photo site. I took the files to the store on a flash drive and the person at the store was able to use the PNG file. I got a full color 16×20 inch poster for about $13. (Their website said it was $6.94, WM makes me mad.) The finished poster is beautiful! It looks professional. I am pretty amazed at the results. I am going to shop around to see if I can find a cheaper place to print.

You and your students need to try Canva. I highly recommend it!